For more members, simply add the right class! Did you know that most health seekers report they prefer to exercise in a group? Social motivation keeps workouts fun, so people keep coming back for more. Add Beachbody® LIVE programming to your group fitness schedule, and we’ll help you retain your current members, effortlessly help drive referrals, and attract new members.

Beachbody LIVE is constantly looking for new gyms/facilities to host our Instructor Workshops. As a Host, you will receive one FREE Instructor Workshop registration and FREE marketing materials to promote the event. That way, you’ll be able to get a head start on having trained Beachbody LIVE Instructors at your facility. Beachbody LIVE will also help in promoting the event through our websites, digital and social media marketing efforts, as well as throughout our branding campaigns. There is no setup, or clean up—we do it all!

With powerful brand recognition, an aggressive TV presence, and a reputation for delivering amazing results, Beachbody LIVE programming can help you become the hottest gym around. Sign up below to get more information about hosting a workshop or getting your Instructors trained.

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