Where do the top Turbo Kick® LIVE Instructors get brand-new choreography, music so fresh it’s not on the radio yet, and exclusive resources designed to keep their classes packed? Two words: PRO Team!

PRO Team Price: $24.95 a month

Join PRO Team

* You must be a Turbo Kick LIVE Instructor to become a PRO Team member.

You’ll pay your first 2 months up front, then be automatically billed every month thereafter.


Effective April 1, 2017, PRO Team memberships will be billed at $29.95/month. Current PRO Team members, and Instructors who join PRO Team prior to April 1 will continue to be billed at the current rate of $24.95/month.

Whether you teach a few classes on the side or you’ve set your sights on a full-time career in fitness, PRO Team offers exclusive perks that give you everything you need to create awesome classes. You’re going to need a wait list with the reputation you’ll earn!


  • The Latest Rounds: Just when your class has nailed the last Turbo Kick LIVE routine, we’ll send you a new release with fresh moves and music. In just a few months, you’ll have your very own library of routines to draw from. You also have the option to purchase previous Rounds at a discount so you can build up your collection faster!
  • Marketing Materials: Drive class attendance and awareness through the roof with head-turning marketing materials! These PRO Team exclusive business cards, posters, and flyers will help attract new faces and build your tribe of knockouts.
  • Discounts: Enjoy exclusive savings on apparel, previous Turbo Kick LIVE Rounds, and more! Plus, being an active PRO Team member automatically extends your Turbo Kick Instructor status for as long as you maintain your PRO Team membership.
  • Surprise Gifts: Every other month, we’ll send you an exclusive PRO Team gift! From bonus workouts, to deep discounts on apparel, to social media toolkits, PROs get all the perks!


It’s a no-brainer. Going PRO is a must if you want to be at the top of your game.